Ultra 64 : Wii Universe

Rayman Legends

November 13, 2021

We had a slight interruption in our planned game this week; luckily, the ever-reliable Rayman has stepped in to pick up the slack! We played RAYMAN LEGENDS, the sequel to the hit 2011 reboot RAYMAN ORIGINS! This slick, funny 2D platformer was designed to be a Wii U exclusive before going multiplatform, so this version boasts some features you won't find anywhere else, so bring your friends and ram-a-lam! 

Hosted by Steve Guntli and Woody Ciskowski 

Logo by Corinne Kempen 

Theme song: "Truck" by The Octopus Project (theoctopusproject.com) 


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Next week's episode: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

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